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                           eGov IG Chairs Call

17 Jun 2009

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           josema, rachel, john





      * [3]Topics
      * [4]Summary of Action Items

     rachel: concerned about what we do cannot be read by our audience
    ... hence proposal to form Editorial Board
    ... need to hugely improve

    john: agree, we need to find a language to help governments
    ... "if you are thinking of doing this, we are writing to you"

    [scribe lost a second point]

    rachel: the more concise, the better
    ... we need to always have audience in mind
    ... the shorter, the better
    ... I see few tasks as next steps for EB
    ... charter 2, white paper...

    [jose gives overview of current Comm efforts: redesign eGov Activity
    page, questionnaire?, white paper, Chairs also asked for speaking

    rachel: EB to edit content authored by other IG Members
    ... could also find authors among EB Members
    ... does it make sense?

    josema: yes

    rachel: I'm organizing a call to get things started
    ... distribute work, setup deadlines

    john: white paper could be a perfect project to start with

    rachel: yes, kevin could produce a draft, then EB to review

    josema: agree with john, will ask kevin

    rachel: next project?

    josema: is rewriting Note so urgent?

    rachel: my personal opinion is that people that should be reading it
    are not doing so
    ... that's why I think we should do it very soon

    john: is a question of too much content in there?
    ... maybe Note = White Paper + 5-6 memos?

    rachel: the more we can break things up, the better
    ... the broader reach the paper will have

    john: ok, do we then need to better describe who is our audience?

    rachel: exactly

    john: we might want to say that upfront for every deliverable

    rachel: good idea, we could have a sort of template

    josema: should WP be a high level overview of Note?

    john: is shouldn't cover new ground, just revisit that kind stuff
    but better focused

    josema: rachel, would you prefer to have a draft from us or
    extracting from Note directly?

    rachel: whatever you prefer, EB will work on make content accessible
    to non-technical audience

    john: this gives us a series of events
    ... try WP first, EB to think of templates for intended audiences
    ... Note: how we could apply those templates to break up the Note
    ... I think this is the work EB should do and has huge value

    rachel: agree
    ... and content should go through EB before being published
    ... EB will also provide template to help draft stuff

    <john> could we do this on a rolling basis? (producing docs out of
    the group note)

    <john> charter 2 is main priority for the group

    [some discussion on deadlines, need to deliver charter by mid-end

    <john> i agree!

    <john> presentations etc etc

    <john> it was too specific, but the right ideas

    rachel: can we have an extra 30min after group call next week for

    josema: yes, I'll arrange that

    <scribe> ACTION: josema to extend next Wed call for 30min [recorded
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    <trackbot> Created ACTION-69 - Extend next Wed call for 30min [on
    Josť Manuel Alonso - due 2009-06-24].

    <john> thanks Rachel!

    [rachel recaps, leaves call]

    <john> [6]http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2009/ukpga_20090004_en_1

       [6] http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2009/ukpga_20090004_en_1

    josema: what do you think about CGs for Charter 2?
    ... I'm not interested in the instrument itself but in the concept

    john: great idea, would love to see it developed

    josema: ok, please take a look at charter

    john: will try to do so

    [no more business]


Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: josema to extend next Wed call for 30min [recorded in

    [End of minutes]

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