Persistent Identifiers anyone? Re: volunteering for topic areas and use cases

I can work on the persistent identifier use case.
Is there anyone else interested in teaming up with me?

I used handle technology to create persistent URLs to U.S. Congressional 
legislation. We've been working on this project since 2005. Although it is 
listed as G2C interaction, we built this more for internal G2G clients who 
are more likely to build websites that frequently use our links. An 
external help page was recently made available about the project.

Some background: The Library of Congress has been using handles for about 
ten years. The CNRI, Corporation for National Research Initiatives, handle 
system is described in more detail at An 
early review of the use of handles at the Library can be found at .

Below is the email announcement about the project.
Announcing permanent links to THOMAS

Permanent simple links are now available to access legislation in THOMAS 
( The legislative handles project will provide 
persistent access to Congressional digital collections held at the Library 
of Congress. Legislative handles are a convenient way to cite legislation 
in bibliographies, emails, blogs, or web pages.  The current link 
structure has not changed. Legislative handles are an additional way to 
access content on THOMAS.

How to create a legislative handle
To create a legislative handle, start with  http:// followed by  Add the name of the collection, a period, and 
the Congress number   legislation.110  Immediately type the bill 
abbreviation and the bill number without punctuation. This handle will 
resolve to the Bill Summary and Status page.  For example:

Specific questions can be sent to the Library's Ask-A-Librarian service.
For the complete legislative handle syntax and more information, see the 
THOMAS handles help page

Anne Washington
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> Subject: volunteering for topic areas and use cases -- Re: [agenda] eGov IG
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>>>> ...
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>>>>  6. Assign people (+use cases) to areas
>>>>     * open actions:
>>>> open
>>>>     * use cases:
>>> I would request that the meeting facilitator insure that
>>> we get to this item early on
>>> so that I can be a part of the use-case area assignments...
>> Ok.
>> I expect the Group to spend most of the meeting on this agendum and the 
>> previous one "Review of the Topic Areas."
> By the way, no need to wait for the call. If you are interested in any of 
> the areas and/or you think there's something missing there, we can discuss 
> by email.
> I already mentioned I miss one topic area on "Multi-channel delivery"
> Cheers,
> Jose.

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