Re: [agenda] eGov IG call, 29 Oct 2008

The document available to elaborate upon on authentication can be found at:

Issues noted around the current available solutions show that each service provider has the burden of hugh costs to prevent identity fraud;

citizens get mote and more different e-identity keys,and finally pay for the costs ;
governments face a growing difficulty in peventing identity fraud



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>>> ...
>>> Agenda [...]
>>>   6. Assign people (+use cases) to areas
>>>      * open actions:
>>> open
>>>      * use cases:
>> I would request that the meeting facilitator insure that
>> we get to this item early on
>> so that I can be a part of the use-case area assignments...
> Ok.
> I expect the Group to spend most of the meeting on this agendum and  
> the previous one "Review of the Topic Areas."

By the way, no need to wait for the call. If you are interested in any  
of the areas and/or you think there's something missing there, we can  
discuss by email.

I already mentioned I miss one topic area on "Multi-channel delivery"


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