Re: [agenda] eGov IG call, 29 Oct 2008

Please, accept my very very late regrets, I was abroad without internet

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Please, note that this meeting time is one hour before usual time in  
some places (in Europe)
you can check your local start time at:

Agenda, eGov IG call, 29 Oct 2008
Scribe: Laila (with Roberto on deck); chair to go through scribe list  
until one found;
note that if no scribe, then no meeting!

    1. Appoint a scribe
    2. Convene, agenda adjustments
    3. Introductions - new people onboard?
    4. F2F Meeting debrief
    5. Review of the Topic Areas
    6. Assign people (+use cases) to areas
        * open actions: 
        * use cases:
    7. Next Meeting; proposed next call: 12 Nov.


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