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>> One thing that many people (especially senior fellows in  
>> Institutions, Think
>> Tanks, Consultancy Corporations etc) ignore is that in some  
>> countries there
>> are at least three levels of government – national, state/province  
>> and
>> city/county.  So we continually see bogus league tables that show  
>> that
>> country A is ahead of country B in e-government, based solely on an  
>> analysis
>> of the "top" sites in country B's national government.
> I agree fully. In Sweden, around 70% of public spending is in the
> counties and they have the largest number of services that can be
> "electrified".
> The last european e-government accessibility benchmark i saw used 5
> (or so) sites from each country (websites from institutions they
> assumed would be present in each country, e.g. justice dept, central
> gvmt etc). And in Sweden 4 of those share the same website. No wonder
> benchmarking scores appear skewed sometimes.


Something we also learned at the first W3C egov Symposium last year. A  
participant from a Spanish City Council mentioned that in Spain, the  
City Councils are usually the first point of contact for citizens and  
she mentioned that different levels should be better integrated in  
order to take advantage of that.

I don't know if this is the case in other countries. I've found in  
many countries lack of dialogue and integration but also found many  
Advisory Groups in which all the levels are talking around the same  
table :)


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