RE: structuring the wiki [was: Re: XBC use cases]

Hi all,

 I have uploaded a first proposal for an Use Case Template to the wiki ( Please feel free to add/delete/modify anything directly (I believe we should all have the appropriate permissions). If anyone prefers that we discuss things internally on the list rather than on the Wiki directly, please let me know and we can have a look at that too - in this case i'd say the wiki is a nice tool for this but you may think different.

 The items of information have grown a little bit from 'name' and 'description'. I have uploaded an introducion on why more information is needed - for instance, we need to assess a given use case in terms of the impact it can have on people, public administrations, implementation feasibility, related initiatives/standards, etc. This is open ground for discussion and I'm really looking forward to get your point of view.

 BTW - if anyone has already identified any use case, please do not heasitate to post it on the list or directly on the wiki even if unfinished.

 UCs can be posted here: 



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