FEA Maintenance Process

Jose, links to a description of the FEA reference model maintenance process
as well as the submission form are provided at http://et.gov/stage4.htm  

I understand MAX will be used to facilitate consideration of submissions
during this revision cycle.  A link to MAX is provided at
http://et.gov/stage2.htm but access is limited to .gov folks and

ET.gov is a means for other folks to provide input into the process, i.e.,
to propose additions to the Technical Reference Model (TRM), as explained at

I will know more after attending a meeting on Tuesday afternoon at which
direction will be given on the process for this cycle.


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El 11/12/2008, a las 3:42, Owen Ambur escribió:
> Jose, you said: "... one of the main Group's goals [is] to make W3C  
> better
> speak in government terms ..."

Yes, and it's in the charter:

> In the U.S., that is the essence of the purpose of the Federal  
> Enterprise
> Architecture (FEA) reference models, i.e., to establish the terms and
> categories by which agencies are supposed to consider IT investments:
> http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/egov/a-2-EAModelsNEW2.html
> As far as W3C Recommendations are concerned, the FEA Technical  
> Reference
> Model (TRM) is most relevant: http://xml.gov/stratml/crane/FEATRM.xml
> Relatively few of the W3C's Recommendations are currently included  
> in the
> TRM: http://www.xml.gov/draft/W3CRecommendationsFEATRM.pdf

Ok. I remember you (maybe someone else) mentioned about this before.  

> Proposed changes to the FEA models are due by January 12 for  
> consideration
> in the FY 2011 budget cycle.

What's the rationale and process?
I'm copying Kevin since he will probably understand it better than me  
anyway :)

-- Jose

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