Questions about Editing TF specs

Johannes & the Editing TF,

It's charter renewal time and we have some questions we could use your 
help with please...

1. Input Events.

We have Input Events Level 1 [1] and Input Events Level 2 [2]in 
progress. Is Input Events Level 1 expected to progress to Recommendation?

If yes, what is the interop story and does it have a test suite?

If not, what is the plan for it?

2. ExecCommand.

The ExecCommand [3] spec states it is not intended to progress to Rec. 
Should we publish it as a Note so the content isn't lost?

If not, what is the plan for it?

3. Clipboard API.

Is Clipboard [5] ready to move to FPWD? It's been an ED for a long time 
now, and it would be good to progress it if we can.


[3] file:///C:/Users/tink/OneDrive/Projects/WebPlatformWG/PubStatus.html

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Received on Tuesday, 9 October 2018 09:35:57 UTC