Reminder: editing taksforce call tomorrow

this is a reminder of the editing taskforce call on September 5th at 10 am
San Francisco time. Main topics are below, please send in more. Connection
details [1].

- clarification of queryCommandSupported('paste') (requested by
Yosin/Chrome) [2]

- the remaining parts of the Input Events spec and how it relates to the UI
Events spec [3]. Please also let us know if you have anything to say
about/against the proposed changes by Safari  related to color and full
justification [4], otherwise I will commit the proposed change. And we are
still interested in your opinion about Microsoft's proposal about sticker
insertion [5].

Also, we will need to prepare for TPAC and figure which topics we need to
take up there. So far I have registered:


- spell checker - how to control where it is and where it's not

- new element: do we still need a new element, and if yes, what do we do
about contenteditable=false-islands?

- turn off features: turn off individual features seems to be next goal
post after beforeinput, especially relevanmt for platforms with large
built-in text editing UI

- intentions for writing bold/italic before actual text is inserted

- some things related to table deletion and similar -- are people
interested in discussing this at all, or should we stick to the policy not
to deal with things at this level [6]?


Johannes Wilm
tel: +1 (520) 399 8880

Received on Monday, 4 September 2017 20:18:21 UTC