agenda, next call (Tuesday, 2017-08-08)


our monthly call is scheduled for Tuesday 10 Am San Francisco time.
Proposed agenda items are below. Please email the list if you have
additional items.

Chrome 60 was shipped during the last month. This is important for us
because Chrome 60 included with level 1 of the InputEvent spec enabled by
default [1] and together with Safari 10.1 which shipped some months ago
with level 2 of the InputEvent spec, we now have two independent
implementations of level 1 of the Input Event spec being shipped. This is
important for the W3C process and for JavaScript developers it means they
can now start using the event to a higher degree (although they still need
to keep alternative methods in place to target Firefox and Edge), but also
for us it means that in reality we won't be able to do many changes to
level 1 of the spec. Nevertheless, we need to deal with some points still
to fulfill the requirements of the various review committees that have
commented on the spec so far.

* Input Events, level 1/2:
- How do we deal with beforeinput events for things like "intends to write
subsequent text in bold" that don't yet cause a DOM change? Our current
text is a bit ambiguous.
- Should we ask uievents take our description of when a beforeinput event
takes place, should we take theirs or do we need a completely different

* Other things:
- Microsoft proposal: Add a way for user agent/OS to provide "Stickers"
(images) that user can insert into text editing contexts. Is there interest?
- Editing text in tables, are we ok with updating spec as requested in
latest tickets at or should we not
bother with it?


Tuesday, August 8, 2017
10:00 am  |  Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)  |  1 hr

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