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+1 to what Gary says - I don't see a huge value in this beyond inline  


On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 00:48:04 +0200, Gary Kačmarčík (Кошмарчик)  
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> I can pass along questions you might have and/or get you in touch with  
> some people if needed.
> However, I don't see how "stickers" by themselves warrant any special  
> support -- they're basically just inline images with no real consistency  
> >between vendors or even between sticker packs from the same vendor.
> Having stickers provided by the OS/UA is a non-starter because there is  
> no unified registry (nor do we want to maintain one). Even if there was  
> a >registry (like Unicode is for emoji), there are still issues where  
> users on one platform get annoyed unless their stickers/emoji show up  
> *exactly* as >they appeared when the message was composed. Many users  
> specifically misuse emoji based on the appearance (cf. eggplant emoji)  
> and don't want >the recipient to get a different image.
> So to support stickers properly, we'd really just need to support  
> generic inline images. Anything beyond that feels out of scope for the  
> editing api.
> But I worry that spending time adding support for inline images/rich  
> content (while quite useful) would be a distraction from nailing down  
> the >remaining issues.
> I think that this might be worth doing, but I'm not convinced that it's  
> worth doing right now.
> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 1:23 PM, Grisha Lyukshin <>  
> wrote:
>> In addition, to stickers, there could be any rich content, really. We  
>> could have something like "richContentInput" with >>some metadata,  
>> containing what the content is, or something similar.
>> @Chrome folks: do you happen to have contacts in Gmail, Google+ or any  
>> other Google editors that have some kind of >>messaging capability that  
>> we could inquire about this and other editing related questions?
>> - Grisha
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>> Johannes Wilm <>
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>> Subject: Stickers in contenteditable?Hey,today we spoke about  
>> potentially adding a way to add stickers within contenteditable as a  
>> new input Type. Basically, the >>OS/User agent would provide an image  
>> which then could be used across apps. The OS would decide whether it  
>> will allow >>users to add their own stickers and how that process would  
>> be, or whether it only would allow standard OS-provided >>stickers.
>> One of the advantage of providing stickers from the user agent rather  
>> than having stickers implemented in each web app >>would be that it  
>> would allow users to use the same sticker across web apps.
>> Grisha explained his idea about it, and I must say it appears to be  
>> useful for at least some use cases. It may be obvious >>that stickers  
>> are not suitable for all types of formal writing, but for a lot of what  
>> people write in a more social setting, >>they may be useful. For  
>> example, last year I was contacted by a group of young media people in  
>> one Central American >>country. They wondered if there was a way that  
>> they could spread an emoji in celebration of a national day in that  
>> >>country which they hoped to hoped to spread through the national  
>> media of for people to use. Unfortunately I had to tell >>them that  
>> emojis were simply unicode characters, and that none of the provided  
>> alternatives seemed suitable for their >>purpose. Had one had this  
>> sticker system in place, that may have been an alternative.
>> Similar images may be useful for this purpose in other geographic areas  
>> (check for example how people in the UK try to >>use the remembrance  
>> day poppy in social media posts [1]) or related to specific subcultures  
>> that won't all be coverable >>with emojis simply because there are so  
>> many of them. It may be down to a family or single person who decides  
>> to >>spread the same image across several social media networks or  
>> forum posts.
>> But the question remains: Is this something other browser vendors and  
>> the developers of web apps making use of >>contenteditable would find  
>> useful? I am trying to reach out to various JS editor developers and it  
>> would be good if people >>here could give feedback as well and if  
>> possible contact the JS projects that could potentially use this within  
>> their >>organizations.
>> As I see it, this would require adding an input type to  
>> beforeinput/input that specifies that the user would like to insert a  
>> >>sticker image together with the image data. "Stickers" would then  
>> also be among the features that could be specified to >>be turned off  
>> for a specific contenteditable element.
>> [1]  
>> --Johannes Wilm
>> tel: +1 (520) 399 8880

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