Re: schedule next call

I'll try to attend in case it'd help to have a chair present.

On 09/08/2017 07:41, Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Hey,
> yesterday we again only had Grisha and me on the call, so we figured 
> that this was probably not the best time to have it. We therefore 
> decided we would everyone here when they would prefer the next call. I 
> believe we really should have at least 2, if not three more calls before 
> TPAC so that we don't end up spending all TPAC time on things that could 
> easily have been resolved by means of calls.
> If everyone potentially interested in participating in a call could 
> indicate when they would have time for this in the doodle [1] that would 
> be very helpful. The dates and times are set to any date during the week 
> two weeks from now and until mid-September. For the times I set 10, 11 
> or 12 (noon) San Francisco time, which translates to 18, 19 or 20 
> Madrid/Berlin time.
> [1]
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