Stickers in contenteditable?

today we spoke about potentially adding a way to add stickers within
contenteditable as a new input Type. Basically, the OS/User agent would
provide an image which then could be used across apps. The OS would decide
whether it will allow users to add their own stickers and how that process
would be, or whether it only would allow standard OS-provided stickers.

One of the advantage of providing stickers from the user agent rather than
having stickers implemented in each web app would be that it would allow
users to use the same sticker across web apps.

Grisha explained his idea about it, and I must say it appears to be useful
for at least some use cases. It may be obvious that stickers are not
suitable for all types of formal writing, but for a lot of what people
write in a more social setting, they may be useful. For example, last year
I was contacted by a group of young media people in one Central American
country. They wondered if there was a way that they could spread an emoji
in celebration of a national day in that country which they hoped to hoped
to spread through the national media of for people to use. Unfortunately I
had to tell them that emojis were simply unicode characters, and that none
of the provided alternatives seemed suitable for their purpose. Had one had
this sticker system in place, that may have been an alternative.

Similar images may be useful for this purpose in other geographic areas
(check for example how people in the UK try to use the remembrance day
poppy in social media posts [1]) or related to specific subcultures that
won't all be coverable with emojis simply because there are so many of
them. It may be down to a family or single person who decides to spread the
same image across several social media networks or forum posts.

But the question remains: Is this something other browser vendors and the
developers of web apps making use of contenteditable would find useful? I
am trying to reach out to various JS editor developers and it would be good
if people here could give feedback as well and if possible contact the JS
projects that could potentially use this within their organizations.

As I see it, this would require adding an input type to beforeinput/input
that specifies that the user would like to insert a sticker image together
with the image data. "Stickers" would then also be among the features that
could be specified to be turned off for a specific contenteditable element.


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Received on Tuesday, 8 August 2017 17:57:30 UTC