Native vs web UI use cases

The explainer [1] has a good list of use cases representing different application types in which content can be edited. After reading the discussion so far, it seems clear to me that participants also have or see different needs for the degree to which contenteditable should integrate with native user interfaces vs be implemented using web technologies. Should we capture these as use cases as well, and do the following descriptions adequately represent them?

1a) Some applications need their text input and text enhancement functionality and user experience to be as close as possible to that of native applications, including the same behavior and visual design, and are willing to trade off some control over editing behavior for that.

1b) Some applications need to have full control over editing behavior, including interaction with input methods and spelling checking and correction software, and are willing to implement that interaction themselves and accept that they wont always match the functionality and user experience of native applications.

2a) Some applications need to integrate with the browsers user interface to enable, disable, and initiate common commands (such as Undo or Cut), and to represent current state (such as whether all, none, or some of the selected text is bold).

2b) Some applications need to have full control over their user interface for commands and state representation, are willing to implement that user interface themselves, and need related browser user interface to be hidden or disabled.



Received on Monday, 14 July 2014 05:59:09 UTC