{minutes} [editing] Conference Call July 11th 8am San Francisco Time

A few folks from the IndieUI TF came to the meeting today. We went over our goals and the possibility of working together on solving User Intentions for the web. 

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conference code?

<BenjamP> 9274

<ArtB> janina_ code is 9274


<scribe> scribe: janina

ben: schedule follows doc ...
 ... section 2in explainer overviews the problem to be solved
 ... notes this is his doc, welcoming comments
 ... ContentEditable is buggy, needs a fix
 ... full range of editing scenarios complicates this
 ... different expectations of editing, e.g. undo
 ... sites don't know specific actions from intent
 ... e.g. ctrl-a is select all
 ... these are the top two issues, we need to solve both
 ... if a browser implements an action, but site can't accept it, there's no way for the site to indiciate that
 ... so it's hard to understand what's implemented
 ... also difficult to create polyfills
 ... anyone to add anything here?


ben: we have wide range of cases around editing

<cyns> http://www.w3.org/TR/indie-ui-events/#RequestEvents
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section 5 visualization

<cyns>  http://w3c.github.io/editing-explainer/commands-explainer.html

ben: today actions and intentions are blurred today
 ... a11y tools often have to hack around to handle this
 ... main reason is that intentions are not clearly separatable from actions

cyns: is describing preferable default browser behavior in scope?

ben: perhaps, but needs to be stated more narrowly

cyns: I can help with alt texts for diags

ben: contemplating custom ui's for authors to define custom behavior
 ... enumerating behaviors for a11y tools is a goal
 ... has clipboard events, and also trying to figure out drag and drop
 ... working on word/char/etc selection
 ... and then concept called command events
 ... for editing our first task is solving selection
 ... want to begin with no default behavior in the editor
 ... phps exception is typing
 ... many sites already cancel default editing behavior

integrating with more web developers

ben: good feedback so far, want more participation

julie: was working with medium previous to this effort
 ... will contact them re this group

ben: also at ms

<ArtB> Scribe: Janina

<ArtB> ScribeNick: janina_

cyns: have internal wg in ms where there's a11y impact, can connect

next steps

julie: looking at 'before input' as well
 ... either 'before input' or command, both wouldn't make sense

integrating with indieUI

cyns: remember to look at overlap, include keyboard events in that

ben: might want to figure which indieui events already cover what's discussed here

Summary of Action Items
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