Re: [editing] Use Cases

On 03/07/2014 11:33 , Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Do you mean browser developers or editor developers? Wouldn't this task
> force group be a good place?

Yes, it would be :)

Ryosuke: I really think you should sign up to the mailing list, we're 
about to start dropping the Cc to WebApps (and you've probably already 
missed some emails).

> I don't know what your procedures are for such things, but maybe send
> them all an email? We may have to accept that a lot of projects are
> slightly tired of contenteditable/caret-moving fixing efforts, given
> that so many attempts to fix it have failed in the past. Lets make sure
> this doesn't happen this time. :)

Yeah, for sure. There's no procedure, anyone can just reach out in any 
which way.

>  From my experience, the issues/use cases mentioned will cover just
> about all the main problems.

Agreed. I don't think we should get bogged down getting too formal about 
use cases as it's not a new space. I think however that as things shape 
up it'll be interesting to hack out some code examples to make sure 
stuff actually works.

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