Re: Only Text Input and Intention Events: Return key

Also related is the "overtype" situation:

If I remember right we went from cE=cursor to cE=typing because we wanted
IMEs and autocorrect and other hard-to-implement things to be done by the
UA or OS. I think this is still the case. So I think we might explore the
possibility of giving cE=typing the ability to alter/delete the contents of
text nodes to make it handle autocorrect and IMEs and overtype.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 2:57 PM, Ben Peters <>
> Good points on IMEs. I added
> to discuss this.
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> > The difference between cE=typing and a simple input control is that
> cE=typing supports full HTML content.
> Yes...
> > This is why I don't think we should support delete in the browser.
> But.
> > We should be clear that you must have a javascript editor backing
> cE=typing because otherwise it's not useful at all.
> Sure, but if, for example, it plays a role in the IME it would be nicer to
> let it do that as feasible. IMHO. (Be aware, I am one of the few people
> here not implementing editing code).
> cheers
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