Re: Only Text Input and Intention Events: Return key

On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 12:21 AM, Olivier Forget <>
> Also related is the "overtype" situation:
> If I remember right we went from cE=cursor to cE=typing because we wanted
> IMEs and autocorrect and other hard-to-implement things to be done by the
> UA or OS. I think this is still the case. So I think we might explore the
> possibility of giving cE=typing the ability to alter/delete the contents of
> text nodes to make it handle autocorrect and IMEs and overtype.

If editor developers could get access to the internals of browser
internal auto correction and spell checking from within Javascript, that
would be even better. Right now, one can only turn the entire thing on or
off and has no control over when and how changes are applied if it is
turned on. And if one wants to use the right click menu for something else,
the spell checking is automatically gone. A set of functions related to
spell checking could be used in lots of other ways in Javascript, not
necessarily editing-related. But that is another discussion.

Johannes Wilm
Fidus Writer

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