RE: Default Caret and Selection Positioning Spec?

Works for me. Does the wiki send email when there are updates?

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Subject: Re: Default Caret and Selection Positioning Spec?

On Dec 10, 2014, at 9:56 AM, Olivier Forget <<>> wrote:
I agree with everybody that it seems things get forgotten too easily and that there are too many discussions going on at once.

Github Issues alone aren't really enough because without an existing document to create an issue against, they're basically just email threads in a different place.

Ben, would you consider creating a crude "caret handling" text file on gitHub? This would:
- list all the things that we need to address
- central go-to reference for what the latest thinking of the group for each, along with links to emails or issues where discussed.
- things not yet addressed are clearly marked as such

Please use the GitHub wiki instead

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