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[dxwg] [I18N] References to ISO-639 vs. BCP47 (#959)

[dxwg] Alignment with new version of GeoSPARQL (#1425)

[dxwg] Attribution does not cover most MARC relators and other roles (#1521)

[dxwg] Broken URIs from (#1517)

[dxwg] Check EDITORS' NOTEs and NOTEs to be removed and or updated (#1518)

[dxwg] Check that we don't have any leftover from DCAT2 (#1519)

[dxwg] Clarification on foaf:homepage / dcat:landingPage for dcat:Catalog (#763)

[dxwg] dcterms:conformsTo in Example 58 eea-csw.ttl (#1435)

[dxwg] Editorial changes in view of DCAT3 4PWD (#1471)

[dxwg] new commits pushed by andrea-perego

[dxwg] new commits pushed by dr-shorthair

[dxwg] Pull Request: Complementing PR #1512 already merged.

[dxwg] Pull Request: First and last in the example for dataset series

[dxwg] Pull Request: Update charter

[dxwg] Represent dataset encryption algorithm in DCAT (#1457)

[dxwg] SpecRef doesn't return record for DCAT3 4PWD (#1520)

[dxwg] suggestion to add a property thumbnail to dataset (#1357)

[dxwg] Update charter (#1523)

Call for Participation: Dataset Exchange Working Group Charter Approved; Join the DXWG

Closed: [dxwg] [I18N] References to ISO-639 vs. BCP47 (#959)

Closed: [dxwg] Align textual descriptions with the DCAT scope (#1349)

Closed: [dxwg] Editorial changes in view of DCAT3 4PWD (#1471)

Closed: [dxwg] Self-review accessibility checklist (#1506)

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