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== Attribution does not cover most MARC relators and other roles ==


Creator: janvoskuil

Deliverable(s): DCAT 2, DCAT 3 specification

## Stakeholders
data publisher

## Problem statement
Paragraph 13.1 of DCAT 2 and DCAT 3 states that MARC relators like 'funder', 'custodian' etc can be expressed using prov:Attribution. This is not correct, since prov:Attribution implies by definition that the attributee was directly involved in the activity that generated the entity and bore some responsibility for that activity.

## Existing approaches
In one of my assignments, we used an alternative approach by definining x:Involvement, x:involved and x: qualifiedInvolvement. See the link for detailed discussion

## Links

## Requirements
Supply vocabulary to enable data publishers to incorporate MARC relators and other roles in metadata structures in a unified and simple way

## Related use cases

## Comments


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