Re: [dxwg] Options for metadata to describe tabular data in a more structured way? (#1418)


> In this case, could our approach be to explain how to use that recommendation in conjunction with DCAT?

Exactly, that is what I mean. 

See here on the [location of metadata for a csv file in the W3C recommendation Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data]( One option there is to [link the metadata by a url.]( But how will a user be able to locate that metadata description? The instruction don't seem very straight forward to me. Why can't DCAT offer that as an optional property: 
    rel="describedby", and
    type="application/csvm+json", type="application/ld+json" or type="application/json".
I am just wondering: Can this be made ito a DCAT property "dcat:describedby or similar with domain resource and the usage note linking to [W3C recommendation Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data](

This would help a lot: 
- making both users and publishers aware of a good way to add/find metadata for Distributions, that don't have metadata build in by default
- raising awareness of that other project of  [W3C recommendation Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data]( (I myself did not even know about that project, even though I am working with open data and DCAT for 2 years now).
- improving data quality overall, since profiles can then hook on to that and add their own usage notes regarding metadata for distributions.

With a hook like this the work would not be doubled, just build onto and I think that it would make sense to reach out to the people behind the tabular data and maybe ask them how their work can best be integrated into DCAT and if a property such as the proposed above would make sense to them.  

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