Re: [dxwg] Options for metadata to describe tabular data in a more strutured way? (#1418)

Good points  @sabinem @kcoyle .
I am not questioning the usefulness of linking to information about the structure of data that is not 'self-describing'. The question that I have is whether this needs to be done as part of DCAT or by some other specification.

In the case of CSV, which is the case that @sabinem raises, my worry would be that if DCAT tries to find a solution for describing the meaning of the columns in the file, we are in fact doing something in parallel to the work done by the CSV on the Web working group, and in particular the W3C recommendation [Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data]( which looks like a really thorough (and standard!) solution for this. In this case, could our approach be to explain how to use that recommendation in conjunction with DCAT?

The more general remark that I have is that I would not want to just add one or more properties as a quick solution without a thorough analysis of the use cases, the expectations of publishers and users, interoperability aspects and the availability of existing standards to meet the requirements.

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