Re: [dxwg] DCAT2.ttl: Request for minor changes (#1246)

I think the `rdfs:label`(s) correspond to the property/class section's title in the DCAT 2 rec document. 
Thus changing the `rdfs:label`(s) in the turtle implies changing the rec as well. 

Some of the discussed solutions are summarized below. 

**Solution 1:** 
 PR #1337 implements the changes required by pt 1  (the update of `rdfs:label`(s)) and pt 2 (the change of `dcat:Catalog` definition) in the next release DCAT 3 and maintains the turtle and the DCAT 3 document consistent.  

**Solution 2:**
We add  'has X'  as `skos:altLabel` instead of `rdfs:label` in the DCAT 2 turtle (pt 1).  Adding `skos:altLabel`  won't raise any consistency concern because the `skos:altLabel`(s) are not directly mapped into the REC. It is also back-compatible with previous versions of DCAT.
We can't change definitions as required in pt 2, as we want to have definitions consistent between TTL and rec DCAT 2,  and  DCAT 2 is frozen.  

**Solution 3:** namely solution 2 applied on DCAT 3 instead of DCAT 2.
 I would consider implementing changes on DCAT 3 more consistent with the expected way the recommendation process work. Solution 3   allows to implements pt 2.
Perhaps, we should have a quick pool to check whether we might build a consensus.

I would vote for solution 3. 

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