Re: [dxwg] Predicate to link from Distribution to Dataset (#1322)

Thanks for replying so quickly!

> At the moment, what you can do is to include also a statement :dataset-xyz dcat:distribution :distribution-123 . along with the description of your distribution.
> Could you give us some more details about your use case, to better understand your requirements? E.g., are your metadata consumed via a SPARQL endpoint or a catalogue platform?

This could work in some cases, but it kind of conflicts with our linked data architecture, since it would require the server to be aware of which incoming links are relevant to a resource. [Our architecture]( basically works like this: user fetches subject x, server returns all triples for that subject (but _not_ incoming links or other external statements describing this resource).  We use subjects to actually render resources, and we use predicates to render properties. So if a user would open the URL of a Distribution, they would see the item. In that view, I'd like to show the Dataset, but that would require the Distribution resource to have a link to the Dataset.

There's also a second usecase - we emit changes to resources in a (kafka) bus, which is used by other apps to synchronize state changes. If a Distribution is created, it is sent to the bus, but now the listening systems (e.g. a search index) need to know under which Dataset it should be nested. 

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