[dxwg] Should we turn 'dct' into 'dcterms' also for the GitHub examples? (#1319)

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== Should we turn 'dct' into 'dcterms' also for the GitHub examples? ==
Apparently, DCAT 2 REC points to the GitHub examples directly, so if we change dct in there, we will lose the coherence with the  DCAT 2 REC.

I see three options:
1) we wait for changing the examples; 
2) we create a brand new copy of the directory 'examples/' named 'exampleDCAT3',  in which dct is replaced by dcterms and we keep the pointed files in 'examples/' coherent with DCAT 2 REC; 
3) we change the namespace and lose the coherence of examples with the current REC, as in the end, having dct in the rec and dcterms in the examples is not a big issue.

Any specific preferences on how to proceed?

 Any preferences?

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