Re: [dxwg] Relation to real world entities (#168)

@makxdekkers @agbeltran I don't think that it is strictly true that a skos:Concept cannot be a person or organization or place or .... any other thing in the real world. The [SKOS Reference]( says:

"A SKOS concept can be viewed as an idea or notion; a unit of thought. However, what constitutes a unit of thought is subjective, and this definition is meant to be suggestive, rather than restrictive."

It seems to me that any Thing (e.g. Corporation) with a relationship to data can be either an *actor* with a role or a thing with some kind of "about" relationship. The latter would be SKOS:Concept. The former would be whatever properties you are using for Agents. Can anyone give a specific example of the relationship between a Corporation and a dataset that is NOT as an agent? 

And BTW I would consider "Funder" to be an agent role. And if the data in a dataset covers, say, Berkshire County, then I would consider BC to be a subject of the dataset, and therefore a perfectly good SKOS concept. So I'm trying to imagine an example that doesn't fit into either of these buckets. Thanks!

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