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== support an indication of sharebility status ==

### Sharebility status
Status: open


Creator: @garfi303 (Simson Garfinkel)

Deliverable(s): DCATv3

## Stakeholders
Users of DCAT within large organization.

## Problem statement
We are using DCAT for representing our internal organization data catalog. Some users have data that is not sharable but needs to be indicated in the catalog Others have data that is not ready for sharing but will be sharable one day. So we would like to have a DCATv3 field that indicates the Sharability status, and this could include:
* Not sharable
* Sharable upon request
* Expected to be sharable by (date)
* Sharable within the organization
* Externally sharable

I'm not sure how to represent this and don't think that it can be represented at the moment. 

## Existing approaches
DCAT-US has a field called [`accessLevel`](https://resources.data.gov/resources/dcat-us/#accessLevel) that must be `public`, `restricted public`, or `non-public`, but this is not sufficiently rich. 

## Links

## Requirements
We have a mandatory requirement for this, so we will either use what DCATv3 does, or we will develop our own.

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## Related use cases
''Optional references to related local (refer to anchor identifier <nowiki>[[#Id...]]</nowiki>) and remote use cases (e.g. POE-WG UCs)''.

## Comments
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