Re: [dxwg] Scope of DCAT - datasets, or digital descriptions (#1235)

@akuckartz @makxdekkers Simon's statements and questions:

>the use of the DCAT model for applications beyond the datasets use-case 

>   The question probably comes down to the general scope of DCAT: is it primarily
>   (a) a pattern and vocabulary for catalogs of descriptions of interesting things
>   (b) a vocabulary for describing and cataloguing data

give me to wonder what is meant by DCAT in "general scope of DCAT" and "the DCAT model". Is the question here about DCAT as in Figure 1 of the spec? Or is this about any use of any of the DCAT namespace classes and properties? Given that anyone can say anything about anything, if there is no conformance expected, what do the questions mean?

And, once again, I think that one should allow metadata communities to define their own uses. One shouldn't declare a use for others. Thus, changing the D in DCAT from Dataset to Digital seems presumptuous to me, unless there are non-dataset folks coming forward to become part of the DCAT community. That could be encouraged, and if it comes to be *then* a name change would make sense to me.

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