[dxwg] Scope of DCAT - datasets, or digital descriptions (#1235)

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== Scope of DCAT - datasets, or digital descriptions ==
Discussions in #1221 and elsewhere indicate that, while DCATv2 was extended to allow for cataloguing data-services, and includes the class `dcat:Resource` to serve as an extension point for additional applications, there is still some unease about the use of the DCAT model for applications beyond the datasets use-case that drove the original development of DCAT. 

The question probably comes down to the general scope of DCAT: is it primarily 
(a) a pattern and vocabulary for catalogs of descriptions of interesting things
(b) a vocabulary for describing and cataloguing data

The general concern is buried in a much longer thread which was triggered by the question of whether 'software' could be classified as a 'dataset' in order to fit into DCAT. So I'm creating this new issue so that we can have the general discussion more transparently. 

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