Re: [dxwg] Dataset series (#868)

I'd like to point back to [my message in June 2017](, in which I tried to identify a number of types of 'versioning' relationships:

- Evolution: for example, a dataset that is published with year-to-date information; every week or month, new, recent data is appended to the existing data. 
- Replacement: for example, existing data was wrong in some way, and a new dataset is published that replaces the old data. 
- Snapshots: for example, continuously changing data like the state of traffic or weather maps with hourly snapshots.
- Time series: for example, annual budget data.
- Conversion: for example, data that is transformed from one coordinate system to another, or from one set of units to another; similar to translation of textual resources.
- Lower/higher granularity: for example, maps in different scales, images in different resolutions, compression like MP3 versus CD sound, and summaries of large amounts of data. 

There is also the use case [ID32 Relationships between Datasets]( with some scenarios.

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