Re: [dxwg] Replace isInheritedFrom with a subproperty of rdfs:isDefinedBy (#842)

from @rob-metalinkage:

The rationale for a subproperty is that we can then add a property chain axiom to clarify the intent. 

:specifiedBy rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty ;
    rdfs:domain :ResourceDescriptor ;
    rdfs:range dct:Standard ;
    skos:definition "The base specification that defines the role of the related resource" ;
    skos:usageNote "This property allows a client to determine which base specification declared 
                   the requirement or other role for this particular resource, allowing 
                   implementations to flatten inheritance hierarchies for clients do not need 
                   to traverse a graph to locate all requirements. Implementations are responsible 
                   for determining if and how to use this property, and may choose some appropriate 
                   subset of resources. This property provides an optional inverse for the property
                   hasResource"@en ;
    owl:propertyChain ( 
        :specifiedBy :hasResource 
    ) ;
    rdfs:label "specified by" .

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