Re: [dxwg] definitions clarifications of conforms to (#1130)

@bertvannuffelen I certainly understand your point, that the DCAT Recommendation does not say exactly what is and what is not a valid object for `dct:conformsTo` -- other that it can be inferred to be a `dct:Standard` of some sort.  If I understand correctly, you would want the object to be something that is machine-actionable, like a SHACL file that a machine can use to perform validation. However, the object of `dct:conformsTo` may well be some human-readable document, for example a catalogue in INSPIRE could specify:
`ex:cat dct:conformsTo` and/or
`ex:cat dct:conformsTo`.

I think you're asking too much from the Recommendation in this respect. It uses the DCMI property and associated class which themselves are defined in rather vague terms. If we really wanted to make it clear what kind of resource should be referenced, maybe we should then define a specific property, e.g. `dcat:validationResource` as a sub-property of `dct:conformsTo`. Future work?

For the time being, I would say that the exact usage of the property `dct:conformsTo` could be specified in an application profile so that for a particular application it is clear what should be expected.

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Received on Thursday, 7 November 2019 12:33:53 UTC