Re: [dxwg] Inconsistency between usage note of dcat:themeTaxonomy and range of dcat:theme? (#1153)

> As the idea was to restrict the range of `dcat:theme` explicitly to `skos:Concept`, it also made sense to restrict the range of `dcat:themeTaxonomy` to `skos:ConceptScheme`. The relaxation of the range of `dcat:themeTaxonomy` to `rdfs:Resource`, in my mind, is not helpful -- although it doesn't hurt either.

I note that there is no explicit dependency between `dcat:themeTaxonomy` and `dcat:theme`. It is not a requirement that all objects used in `dcat:theme` must be from the KOS identified by `dcat:themeTaxonomy` -- for example, a catalog might not even specify `dcat:themeTaxonomy` -- nor that terms in  `dcat:themeTaxonomy` must be used in `dcat:theme` for any dataset in the catalogue -- they could also be used in `dct:subject` for example.

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Received on Tuesday, 5 November 2019 10:11:39 UTC