Re: Real examples for Conneg?

Hi Karen,

As per the agenda notices for this week's Conneg meeting that I just sent out, we are reviewing 3 x real implementations of Conneg by P:

* my pyLDAPI toolkit

  * exemplified in the Media Types service:

  * writeup: 
  * implements all 4 Functional Profiles

* Rob's OCG specifications implementation
  * implements the QSA FPs

* my PHP ConnegP tookit

  * exemplified in the Aust Gov Linked Data WG's Registers, e.g.

  * writeup 
  * implements HTTP FP only

So there are now many working examples (see the writeup links above).

I'm not sure it's sensible to include these implementations in place of examples in the spec though. The implementations may not be alive as long as the spec and I don't see other W3C specs using implementations as examples.

Did you perhaps just mean profile URIs though? We have started to make a catalogue of profiles described using PROF with the specific entries motivated by necessity for the Conneg implementations:


Currently only Alternates View profile ( is written up using PROF and is available as Linked Data. It is used in QSA implementations of Conneg. The other two profiles are incomplete.

It's really a job for work on PROF, which is taking a back seat until Conneg's at the next stage (3PWD), to demonstrate/deliver more fancy profiles and this URIs for them, not Conneg.

I expect a primer on Profile description + Conneg for Profiles, perhaps after Conneg & PROF are complete, might showcase better examples. If Profile Guidance gets completed, it too might include better examples.


´╗┐On 3/11/19, 9:54 pm, "Karen Coyle" <> wrote:

    I'm wondering if there are any real examples that can either be used in
    Conneg or that could accompany the document. I find the use of dummy
    profile names like "profileX", which are not incorrect, to also not be
    terribly information rich. I know there is a risk that a few real
    profiles won't fully express the range of profiles possible, but maybe
    they can be shown as examples of examples? Or in an informal primer/user
    Karen Coyle

    skype: kcoylenet

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