Re: [dxwg] definitions clarifications of conforms to (#1130)

> The additional example to be taken into account is:
> `ex:catalog dct:conformsTo ex:standard` says that the ....
> Can you complete here the sentence? Is that GeoDCAT-AP? or is that another document and explicitly NOT a DCAT profile?
> According to the sharing of that property through dcat:Resource its scope must be only the catalog it is subject of. Since a profile as GeoDCAT-AP is an expression about all entities refering to GeoDCAT-AP in the conforms-to would naturally lead to the interpretation that the whole catalog follows GeoDCAT-AP.
In my mind, 

`ex:catalog dct:conformsTo ex:standard`

says that the Catalog itself conforms to some standard or implementation rules. This could be related to a law or regulation that governs the establishment of a particular type of catalogue or the quality rules that govern it. This does not need to say anything about the items in the catalogue, but I don't think it excludes that the `ex:standard` could say that the items in the catalogue need to adhere to some metadata profile.

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