Re: [dxwg] definitions clarifications of conforms to (#1130)

> @riccardoAlbertoni The DQV standard says that the "conforms to" statement relates to the metadata, not to the resource which the metadata describes:
> > The following example illustrates how a (DCAT) catalog record can be said to be conformant with the GeoDCAT-AP standard itself.
> ```
> :myDatasetRecord a dcat:CatalogRecord ;
>  foaf:primaryTopic :myDataset ;
>  dcterms:conformsTo :geoDCAT-AP .
> ```
> Given that the GeoDCAT-AP is a standard for metadata, not for the resources that are pointed to from a DCAT catalog, then I think this says the opposite of what @makxdekkers and @smrgeoinfo were saying.

Sorry, I don't see the contradiction with what @makxdekkers and @smrgeoinfo were saying. But of course, It is possible that I am misreading.

Where you apply the conformsTo depends on what kind of standards you are considering. The rule of thumb should be something like 

- If it is a metadata standard or profile of a metadata standard, than you have to apply the conformsTo to  CatalogRecord, which is the place where you speak about metadata of metadata of a dataset.
- If it is a data standard, then you have to apply the dct:conformsTo to the dcat:Dataset, and so on.

I think this is in line with @makxdekkers  statement
>So, the way I see it, the dct:conformsTo in the left-hand metadata says to which standard the metadata in the middle conforms, while the dct:conformsTo in the middle metadata says to which standard the dataset on the right conforms.

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