Re: [dxwg] definitions clarifications of conforms to (#1130)

 I agree with the following @makxdekkers's and  @smrgeoinfo views:

> So, the way I see it, the `dct:conformsTo` in the left-hand metadata says to which standard the metadata in the middle conforms, while the `dct:conformsTo` in the middle metadata says to which standard the dataset on the right conforms.

>CatalogRecord.conformsTo should identify the 'standard' that the dcat record at CatalogRecord.foaf:PrimaryTopic conforms to (however the metadata producer interprets 'conformance, which hopefully they document somewhere). **In the dcat context I would expect this to be some dcat profile.**

The DQV example  ["Express the conformance of a dataset's metadata with a standard"]( shows how to express compliance to a DCAT profile, and it is coherent with the views expressed above.

@rob-metalinkage:  is the  DQV example close to the example you are looking for?
 In the case, we might add a note in DCAT to refer to it. 

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