Negative vote in DCAT poll

All, and Rob -

Rob has voted -1 on the poll to take DCAT to proposed recommendation,
with this comment:

"I wanted this to be a qualified yes - but feel so uneasy about it i
changed my mind... I think that
needs addressing in terms of better example and clarification of intent
- and by implication validation that the example in is a correct interpretation. If
the consensus is that @kcoyle interpretation is incorrect then maybe no
change is required If it is correct then its a significant bug that will
be a problem - and at any rate the feedback has raised an important
concern which needs some clarification IMHO. Please convince me to
change my mind before the 5th!"

If I am interpreting this correctly, the issues here relate to the
interaction between services and profiles, and how those can be
expressed in DCAT.

I see this as a new use case, one that could lead to some new features
provided by the DCAT service description. As this use case was not
articulated earlier, it would be reasonable to make this a future
consideration for DCAT. This does not seem to be a simple "fix" but
something that may require a bit of discussion to get it right.

Could members of the DCAT subgroup please weigh in, and ASAP as we need
the poll finalized by this upcoming Tuesday.

Thank you,
Karen Coyle
skype: kcoylenet

Received on Saturday, 2 November 2019 07:08:12 UTC