Re: [dxwg] Editorial comments on DCAT ED (#922)

The following comments from @larsgsvensson are yet to be addressed:

> - In ยง5.1 there is a note after the UML diagram saying that "Cardinalities are shown in a few places to reinforce expectations, but these are not axiomatized or enforced in any way by this recommendation". This is not entirely true, since the ttl file declares cardinalities for the use of dct:relation on dcat:Relationship and dct:type on dcat:Resource.

> - Just above Example 4 the text says "a 5Kb CSV file". Should that be "a 5 kB CSV file"? (minor k for prefix kilo)

> - The scope note for dcat:byteSize says "The size in bytes can be approximated when the precise size is not known." I think it would avoid possible errors if we highlighted that even if the size is approximated, it still must be a decimal number, i. e. if the true size is 2,912 bytes, we can approximate with "3000"^^xsd:decimal but not with "3k"^^xsd:decimal.

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Received on Saturday, 11 May 2019 20:14:49 UTC