Re: Github issue for profile definition discussion

Rob, unfortunately your emails are still not appearing in the archive
and possibly not going to the list. You probably sent one initially
about the Google Doc [1] but it didn't appear. I'll resend that, but I'm
sorry that we weren't thinking of the Google Doc during the meeting and
went off on this github direction.

The Google Doc has some interesting discussion already, in particular
around the concepts of "constraints" and "conformance".

I'm afraid I don't really know what to do now, although I do find the
Google doc to be a richer environment for discussion, and we can use
github later for a vote. ?


On 6/27/19 4:06 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
> OK - we have only just agreed we would try to do this via a google
> doc... i really dont mind what approach we take - but i find changing
> approaches every week or so counterproductive. Especially as you were
> the one who insisted I bring the definition and requirements into the
> google doc. 
> Trying to define without modelling may be a mistake, as every word has
> ambiguities - i think the issue of conformance and specification (if
> that is different from dct:Standard) should be formalised - or declared
> out of scope)  then we can make sure the words are consistent.
> On Fri, 28 Jun 2019 at 04:00, Karen Coyle <
> <>> wrote:
>     All,
>     As promised I created a github issue [1] where we can discuss the
>     definition of profile. I have included the current definition, the
>     change that Antoine suggested, and some commentary from Annette -
>     although I wasn't able to turn that latter into a modified definition,
>     so if you can, Annette, that would be helpful. Feel free to edit that
>     comment with what you think is best.
>     We can use the github thumbs up/down to straw vote on the suggested
>     changes. Vote as many times as you would like, and in the end we'll try
>     to combine the ideas into a single definition, as we did before.
>     kc
>     [1]
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