[dxwg] DCAT: s/getCapabilities/GetCapabilities/ (#961)

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== DCAT: s/getCapabilities/GetCapabilities/ ==
Submitted by James Passmore (@nmtoken) on 26 Jun 2019:



> " An endpoint description may be expressed in a machine-readable form, such as an OpenAPI (Swagger) description [OpenAPI], an OGC getCapabilities response [WFS], [ISO-19142], [WMS], [ISO-19128], a SPARQL Service Description [SPARQL11-SERVICE-DESCRIPTION], an [OpenSearch] or [WSDL20] document, a Hydra API description [HYDRA], else in text or some other informal mode if a formal representation is not possible. "
> "getCapabilities" should be "GetCapabilities".  OGC specs tell us this parameter value is case sensitive.

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