Re: [dxwg] Create generic properties such as "hasExpression" or "documentedIn" instead of hasResource/(hasRole | hasArtifact) (#747)

I see another possible path, which is a small set of general properties that can be sub-propertied in another namespace for specific applications. This combines both the "generic properties" and the "specific roles" in a more usable form, IMO. A disadvantage I see to the current set of roles is its flatness. Adding more specific roles at the same level is not ideal for searching.

The general properties could be things like:
-- documentation
-- validation
-- vocabulary definition

These may be sufficient for many users. Those who want more can create sub-properties like:

-- documentation
--- guidance rules
--- use cases
--- domain model
--- input form support

-- validation
--- full validation
--- partial validation

This facilitates searching, because you can search on the general property and retrieve all of the specific properties as well, so that you don't have to know what specific types of resources a "foreign" profile has. In a sense this becomes: "is there validation code for this profile?" or "get me whatever documentation exists related to this profile." 

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