FW: PROF weekly meetings - Thursdays, 11AM UTC

Hi all,

_Apologies if you have this twice: Iím not sure if itís been sent correctly._

Iíve reviewed the PROF suggested weekly times poll results and selected the following time as the best fit:


Four out of five of the respondents can make it then Ė apologies Tom but I just canít face more 6am meetings, even though I indicated that as an option in the poll.

So our first meeting will be in about 26.5 hours. Iíll ask Dave R. for a WebEx invitation for that time but Iíll also send out a Google Hangouts link to poll respondents straight after this as a fall-back.

If anyone else receiving this email would like the Hangouts link, or the WebEx link if I get one in time, please just let me know and Iíll forward it on.



Received on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 08:54:53 UTC