ACTION NEEDED: Poll on Profiles-related work.

Dear Colleagues

This email is important and requires your attention and action as soon as

As agreed in the last plenary meeting [ ], I have set up two polls to
take your views on the future of the Profiles Recommendation chartered
deliverable and the Profiles Vocabulary work.  These 2 polls seek your
views on the continuation of the work (they were both placed on hold and
this has not been formally changed) and also the track to which we are
directing our efforts.

It is important that we get the views of everyone in the working group, so
please set aside a few minutes to deal with them as soon as possible,
preferably in advance of the next plenary meeting on 27th/28th August.

The polls can be accessed at:

Many thanks


Received on Friday, 23 August 2019 17:23:18 UTC