Profiles Vocabulary critical path

Dear Colleagues

In the last plenary meeting we were discussing the WG workload, and how we
had put work on the profiles recommendation and the profiles vocabulary on
hold for a while so that we could put effort into the chartered
deliverables that were most advanced (and in the case of DCAT, most
required by others), namely the DCAT version 2 and the Content Negotiation
by Profile.  We need to make decisions on the future direction of the
profiles work against this backcloth.

To provide information for these decisions I asked Philippe for the
critical path on the profiles vocabulary for recommendation track, given
that the aspiration was to route it that way.  The tool used to calculate
this is at using
the latest publication date for a Recommendation this year, which is
December 19th.  This returns the following:

   1. Resolve all of the substantive issues by the week of TPAC (September
   2. Group to decide to move to CR on September 24
   3. Send the transition request no later than September 26
   4. Publication of CR October 3
   5. End of comments period  October 31
   6. Transition to Proposed Recommendation November 7
   7. Publication of PR November 14
   8. Transition to Recommendation December 13
   9. Publication of Recommendation December 19

All of this assumes that there are no glitches and that the draft gets
through with no major reworking, and that it is presented with satisfactory
levels of implementation evidence.

I am providing this for information ahead of sending round a poll which
will provide options and scope for adding reasons that will help form the
basis of a Group-wide consensual decision on the way forward.

Kind regards


Received on Thursday, 22 August 2019 13:17:14 UTC