Changed label for PROF

I see that the label for PROF was changed from ON HOLD to not on hold. I
think that resuming this work should be a discussion for the group. I'm
not sure the best way to get a decision as this is that "summer slump"
when not many people show to the meetings.

Please give Peter and I a chance to discuss and we'll get back to you.
Meanwhile, I've changed the label back to ON HOLD and we should consider
both PROF and profiles guidance to still be ON HOLD until a decision is
taken. Please do not take unilateral decisions, such as changing the
status of a deliverable, without obtaining the sense of the group.
Remember, the primary directive in W3C is consensus, consensus, consensus.
Karen Coyle
skype: kcoylenet

Received on Monday, 19 August 2019 14:21:05 UTC