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== Appendix showing an example of of conneg use in DCAT  ==
@rob-metalinkage: we declare a DataService for a dataset that uses one of the Conneg functional profiles

How do we describe both functional and data aspects of a service? 

From DCAT: 

> the `dcat:accessURL` for each `dcat:Distribution` corresponds with the `dcat:endpointURL` of the service.  Each service is characterized by its general type using `dct:type` (here using values from the INSPIRE spatial data service type vocabulary), its specific API definition using `dct:conformsTo'

From [Conneg by P]9https://raw.githack.com/w3c/dxwg/conneg-ACTION-356/conneg-by-ap/index.html#conformance-profiles):

> This section's [2.1] identifications of profiles of this specification exemplifies functional profiles which profile a functional specification, rather than a data profile which profiles a data specification. This specification describes how a system should behave and this section indicates different profiles of that behaviour, rather than content (data). 


Dataset/Distribution/conformsTo --> Data Profile
Dataset/Distribution/accessService/conformsTo --> Functional Profile

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