Re: [dxwg] Align Alternative Representations Model and PROF (#1041)

It appears to me that PROF is giving us profile modelling - out of scope for Conneg by P - but also hooks from profiles to resources that conform to them, viz `rdfs:Resource dct:conformsTo prof:Profile` and also a description of a `Resource`, viz. the `prof:ResourceDescriptor` class.

Conneg by P seems to require (from our testing) that there is a `Representation` class, instances of which represent, as per the HTTP spec [[RDF7230](], "An abstraction of the current or desired state of a thing in HTTP communications.".

It seems fairly obvious that we have something like this:

rdf:Resource conneg:hasRepresentation conneg:Representation .
conneg:Representation dct:conformsTo prof:Profile .
So the tie-point question seems to be: 
* how does a `conneg:Representation` class fit into PROF, if at all?

`conneg:Representation` is modelling implementations of data which will border PROF and PROF also contains:

`prof:ResourceDescriptor prof:hasArtifact rdf:Resource` 

where the *artifact* is the realisation of the resource that is the thing conforming to a `prof:Profile`. We've not teased apart resources ans representations of them in PROF and this requirement from Conneg could be the thing that does that.

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Received on Monday, 12 August 2019 02:38:51 UTC