Re: [dxwg] Reflect all 'Usage notes' into DCAT RDF representation (#725)

@dr-shorthair One issue I have with the approach is that while I am OK with using `skos:definition` for DCAT classes and properties in scope of DCAT, as DCAT clearly defines then, I am not OK with using `skos:definition` with classes and properties from reused vocabularies simply because their meaning is not DCAT`s to define. 

What happens if, hypothetically, after DCAT becomes Recommendation, the reused vocabularies get updated, start using `skos:definition` with other values? Then we are back where we started - with conflicting repeated properties coming from the reused vocabulary and from DCAT, with the only possibility of separating the statements by somehow knowing they came from `dcat.ttl`, which, IMHO, is not a widely used pattern.

I was more OK with using `skos:usageNote` or `skos:scopeNote` prefixed with "In DCAT ..." for that, but not `skos:definition`.

Regarding multiple `skos:definition`s per DCAT class or property - when I define something, I do it so that it is clearer what is meant. When a thing has more than one definition, its meaning is automatically less clear than when it has just one. I know there is nothing prohibiting us from having multiple definitions per class or property, I am just saying that the usability and understandability of such definitions is reduced by this for no good reason. For instance, what is prohibiting us from just merging the definitions into one literal?

Finally, you say the goal is for people who just want to load `dcat.ttl` to see everything. But this is prohibiting me from just loading definitions of DCAT classes and properties easily. In contrast, if the files were split into `dcat.ttl` with only DCAT things and `dcat-ext.ttl` or similar with annotations of external vocabulary things, both use cases would be possible, mine with only DCAT, and "complete" with both files merged.

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Received on Thursday, 8 August 2019 17:26:14 UTC